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SPAZ- Society for the Protection of Stray Animals SINCE 1987



Do you know how many I have been waiting for someone to come? And I will wait for many more…

Sometimes we lose track of time. For us dogs every day is a good day. We wake up happy and we expect the best, we don’t know what awaits us.

You know that we don’t have bad feelings for people, we don’t hold a grudge. We don’t get mad or upset. Do you know that a lot of people feel sorry for us when there is no reason to feel sorry for us. They hear things they don’t understand and instead of asking they jump to conclusions which most of time are wrong. Take me for example. I’m Lola. A lot of people know as Lola the dog with epilepsy. Because once a month a may have a seizure. But what about the rest of the time? Who am I then? The seizure does not last long. I’m not in pain, I dont feel anything. And then I’m fine again.

Well… that my depend on what people think of fine… You see I was never taught that the world is a safe place. In fact I was never taught anything. Every scares me. I saw big buildings and some big metal things with wheels on the streets. I saw people shouting and screaming and I dont know why. I see the people who bring me my food and take of me. They are my safe people, so I am ok with them. And you know what they tell me? “You know Lola that there a special person for every dogs in this word”. “Sometimes it takes this person a long time to get here, but when he does everything is as he was here all the time”.

Lola needs a home. If you are her person and it if it really matters to you she is approx 10 years old.


Microchip Number: 941000014566763

For more information on Lola (D88/13)

• 6977 572522



Lola is up for adoption by SPAZ (Athens Court decision No 773/87)

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