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SPAZ- Society for the Protection of Stray Animals SINCE 1987


Dogs ears’ are tattooed when they are spayed or neutered so that they can be identified as being spayed/neutered.

Other methods have been tried like putting collars in special colours on the dog but, unfortunately, they often get stolen!

Of course, one can see if a male dog has been neutered by checking his genitals, that is if you can get near him to do that.  Sometimes a female will have the incision mark on her abdomen that shows she has been spayed, but sometimes this disappears or is covered by hair and cannot be seen.  The most effective method, therefore, has been to tattoo inside the dogs’ ear.  It does not bother the dog, nor mutilate the dog and it can easily be checked by a person.

Of course, tattooing requires special equipment, and SPAZ has equipped all our vets with this equipment.  Individuals who neuter their dog on their own do not have to tattoo the ear, but if the dog is lost, this can be an identification point, and if a dog is abandoned, well – it is not as good as a microship but almost.

SPAZ recommends that all dogs’ ears be tattooed when spayed or neutered, whether stray or owned.