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SPAZ- Society for the Protection of Stray Animals SINCE 1987



The one who keeps moving without looking back… Some say “To know the road ahead, ask those coming back.” Don’t ask Bucky though! On the road ahead, he is that black dot you detect in the background that keeps getting smaller.
Bucky is a Greek harehound mix who taught us the meaning of strength. No matter what has happened to him he lives today like there’s no tomorrow and when tomorrow comes he welcomes it with joy, fearless and ready for anything! He crossed many paths in the past, faced many dead ends but most importantly he faced his own fears and exceeded them. And when the road became rough and lonely, when there was no point of going ahead he stopped and turned his head back, wondering what to do. Undecided stood there for just a moment, but then he kept moving forward.
And he somehow crossed our path and looked at us with happiness!
Now Bucky is very social with everyone. He loves playing with other dogs, but mostly he loves playing with humans. His human interaction is admirable! If you give him a chance he is definitely going to be the perfect companion. The one who never lowers his expectations, who keeps dreaming, who keeps moving forward, who never looks back! Besides who doesn’t need that type of friend?

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Backy (D229/15) is up for adoption by SPAZ (Athens Court decision No 773/87)

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