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SPAZ- Society for the Protection of Stray Animals SINCE 1987


Why do we clip  a cat’s ear?

SPAZ received a lot of questions concerning the reason why vets working with us clip the tip of a cat’s ears once they neuter her.

SPAZ neuters stray cats and the ear clip is an obvious mark showing if a cat has already been neutered.  Vets can tell if a male cat has been neutered but detecting it in female cats is not that easy.  Sometimes a vet may proceed with surgery on a female cat because he is not aware that she’s is already neutered.

This practice has been adopted by other european animal welfare organizations as well as it is the best way to identify neutered stray cats.  As we all know, neutered cats are healthier and more stable than non neutered ones.  SPAZ members can show the clipped ear to people that are not as tolerant with cats in order to discourage them from harming them.

People that have cats at home may not like the idea but SPAZ’s neutering program only covers stray cats and not domestic ones.  We absolutely encourage people that have cats to neuter them but not through our program.  Demand for neutering stray cats is so high that it is impossible to extend our program to cover domestic cats as well.

Of course if you neuter a stray cat and then decide to keep it at home then this benefits your cat and we are very grateful!