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SPAZ- Society for the Protection of Stray Animals SINCE 1987


If you lost your pet please follow the below steps:

1.    Start looking for it as soon as possible

2.    Notify your neighbors, the local animal rescue society or group of animal rescue volunteers, your vet and other vets in the area where you have lost it.

3.    Notify the Hellenic Veterinary Association (210 5202 901, 210 5226 769).  If the microchip has not been registered, please register it IMMEDIATELY.

4.    Notify the local Police Department in the area where you have lost it.  Make sure the incident has been recorded in the lost and found book and not on a random piece of paper.

5.    If you have access to the web and various social media, post it immediately (don’t forget a photograph):
-       on your profile
-       on the profile of any of your contacts who live, work, visit or have friends in the area where you have lost it
-       on the pages of animal rescue societies or teams

6.    Immediately print posters (Α4 size) that have the word LOST written at the top in big red letters, including a photograph and a description of your pet (name, breed or stray, sex, color, size etc.) the date and area where it was lost and your phone number.  If your pet has a microchip do not mention its number (especially if it is a pedigree).  Only you and the person who finds your pet should know the number.

Put up posters on street lights etc.
-       in the area where you lost it
-       in vet clinics and pet shops in the area
-       in super markets, kiosks
-       on bus stops, bakeries, schools and other highly frequented spots

Be sure to check them regularly.  Sometimes the sun or the rain can destroy them.  They may also be removed by other people.

 7.    If someone finds your pet, he will most probably ask you to meet him at a vet clinic of his choice in order to give it back to you.  He will ask you to sign a Statement of Delivery and Receipt of a dog (or cat) in 3 copies (one for the person who found the pet, one for you and one for the vet) stating that he has delivered your pet to you (name, address, phone number, ID number, pet’s details and microchip number).  You can find a sample of such a Statement in SPAZ’s website (

-       If your pet does not have a microchip, the vet should place one in order for you to be able to take it home.  Law 4039/12 clearly states that all pet owners are obligated to place a microchip and register it with the Hellenic Veterinary Association.

-       If your pet has a registered microchip, show the vet and the person who found it your pet’s health booklet where the microchip number is written.

-       If your pet has a NON registered microchip the vet will request to register it right then and there.

Remember that a NON registered microchip is the same as a nonexistent microchip.

The local animal rescue association can guide you through the process.

Don’t forget:  Losing a pet can happen to anyone.  Protect your animals by placing a microchip and registering it to the Hellenic Veterinary Association database as the law requires but also by placing a name tag on your pet’s collar with your contact details.