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SPAZ- Society for the Protection of Stray Animals SINCE 1987


straySPAZ is a registered charity (Athens Court 773/1987) that operates in the southern suburbs of Athens, based in Glyfada. It is run entirely by volunteers, led by an executive committee, and most of our income is spent on neutering animals and providing emergency veterinary services. SPAZ concentrates on working as an effective local group, cooperating with local authorities and other animal welfare groups and citizens, in the common goal of stray animal population control and encouraging responsible pet ownership. Since 1987, members have neutered more than 23,000 cats and dogs in the SPAZ neutering program. In 2011, SPAZ’s 25th year of operation, 1662 cats and dogs were neutered; this is the largest number of animals we have neutered in a single year

Our income is generated from memberships, individual donations, donation boxes in local shops, an annual Christmas Handicraft Bazaar, second-hand sales and other fund-raising events. We receive no funds from any government department or other agency. We are a member of the Panhellenic Animal Welfare Organization and affiliated with the RSPCA-UK.

SPAZ is opposed to the use of animals in experiments, animals in zoos and circuses, animals kept in cages in bars, animals sold in pet shops, chained dogs, dogs constantly kept on balconies, inhumane transport of farm animals, inhumane practices in slaughter houses, inhumane treatment of farm animals, hunting, the use of all snares and traps which cause suffering, the use of poisons on animals, the abandonment of pets on the streets, the trade in wild animals, organized dog fights, dog races, bull fighting, and farming of animals for their fur . We cooperate with other animal welfare groups on national issues and add our voice to protests against cruelty towards animals.

We work on the street; we have no shelter because when a group has a shelter, all its resources are spent on the shelter; we feel we can offer more to street animals by concentrating on them; we also have neither office or clinic. We focus on providing support to people helping stray animals in their own neighbourhoods, with the help of our seven SPAZ vets. You can visit us on our Facebook page where friends can post notices concerning animals.


2014-2016 SPAZ Committee Members

President: Fofi Dimitriadou (Business 0wner)
Vice-President: Elizabeth Koubena (Author/Journalist)
Secretary: Tzela Pagoni (Reflexologist)
Treasurer: Maria Sougra (Hair dresser)
Member-at-large: AnnaMaria Thomaidou (Employee in a private company)
Alternate Members: Nikki Clainos (English Teacher) & Katerina Salta (Business 0wner)

Auditing Committee

Maria Arvanitis (Lawyer)
Joanna Granecki (Retired Teacher)
Vassi Clainos (English Teacher)