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SPAZ- Society for the Protection of Stray Animals SINCE 1987



Our dear Melina always asks “Do you think people have noticed that I’m around?” She shouldn’t have these insecurities and no matter what we answer, she keeps having them. We found a new answer and she seems to be a little more confident about. We answer “They notice when you’re not! Does that count?” She wags her tail and sits comfortably, calm and satisfied.

The truth is that we don’t know if people notice when she’s not around, because she always is! She gently puts her paw on your knee and looks at you with those big honey eyes as if to say “Hello, can I please have your attention for just a second?” and you just can’t resist. You melt. And she is happy she succeeded. Melina is one of those dogs who sits beside you no matter where you are, inside or out. She is one of those dogs who can magically calm you down, even if you are very frustrated about something.

She has those magic paws. Once it touches you, poof! The frustration is gone. The only condition for her magic to work is to gain her trust. That will happen as time goes by, with no pressure. She just need that someone to love her back, to notice her. Could you be the one?

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Melina (D230/15) is up for adoption by SPAZ (Athens Court decision No 773/87)

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