Earnest request for everyone that sterilizes stray cats during the same time SPAZ does them. 

  • Always ask your vet to mark (cut) the stray cat’s ear. It’s a pity for an already sterilized animal top get caught again. 
  • Rehabilitation must take place at the same spot you took the animal, where they know the environment. Not a block further. And of course, NOT in another place (at the mountains, at our neighbor’s garden, at the beach, at the fields etc.).  it’s sure that the animal will get killed trying to return at home. 
  • Transfer the cats inside strong cages. Not inside boxes, supermarket’s bags or inside your hug, even if the cat is calm and friendly.
  • Cover the cage or the trap with a big piece of fabric, to help the animal stress less.
  • Hold the cage with one hand underneath – not like a bag- so the weight of the cat doesn’t fall at the door. As strong as the cage is, cats are unpredictable. They will open it and leave while being at an unknown place. 

Our purpose is to sterilize all the stray cats living in our area. 

This purpose is long term, as strays are more than 10.000 cats.

So, while the sterilization progress takes place, is better to take place with safety and respect.