Update July 21st 2015

Our shepherd-family has been through a lot… All 4 puppies got sick with typhus. Two of our babies -Heidi and Dixie- did not make it and have become little angels. The other two babies -Honey and Emma- pulled it through and are now reunited with their mom. They are now waiting to find a new home and are ready to give their unconditional love to whoever makes them a part of their family.
We would like to thank all the friends that supported Annie and her puppies.

June 2nd 2015

Hello, my name is Annie! I am a sheepdog and i used to live on the outskirts of Athens looking after some sheep! A very handsome sheepdog fell in love with me and we had four puppy girls! Heidi, Honey, Dixie and Emma. When we got sick, my “human” was ‘kind enough’ to throw me out on the street along with my four puppies. A girl who saw us took us in and asked for help in order to take care of us. That’s how we became members of the SPAZ family. They took us to the doctor and we are currently staying in a thing they call a ‘dog shelter’. I heard them saying that once we are all healthy we’ll be super pretty! All 5 of us! They also said they would find loving homes for us! That made me smile! But they also said that they will need financial support to take care of us until we can find our forever homes. That worried me… So please help them to help us get better! Times are very hard but I want to believe my puppies and I will manage to get better and live happily and protected in our new homes! If you wish to help us out please contact SPAZ. Thank you in advance, Love Annie!

The above pets (D217-15, D218-15, D219-15, D220-15, D221-15) are up for adoption by SPAZ (Society for the Protection of Stray Animals) Athens Court Decision Νo. 773/87.















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