– We need a new roll up for the exhibition. It needs to be something plain and simple but at the same time it needs to be direct. And for sure it has to mention “adopt”.

That’s how the “be their hero, adopt” started. It became our new roll up for the Pets in Action exhibition and it became the 30 years anniversary card. It became the cover on the album for our cats and dogs for adoption albums. It became the stamp on our new t-shirts and sweat shirts along with superman – they were launched at our Christmas bazaar.
It became part of the two huge banners with all the dogs available for adoption, adults and puppies. It became the cover on the 2017 SPAZ calendar and we truly deeply hope that it will become an action.Margarita

You see, dogs don’t want palaces or huge homes and villas. They don’t need to eat out of expensive bowls, wear fancy designer leashes and collars. What they want is someone to take them of the street, out of a shelter. That person, for them is a hero.
This Christmas be their hero. Adopt.

A huge thank you to Margarita for the amazing concept for SPAZ, she is the hero of her own Crepa.