You can become a SPAZ member or you can renew your membership at any of the vets working with SPAZ. Ask him to give you the form to read how the society operates and if you agree, ask him for the membership/renewal form. Fill it in and give it back to him with 50 € if you are a new member or 35 € if you renew.

He will sign, stamp and give you back the bottom part of the form as a temporary receipt and members ID. Your subscription is valid for the calendar year from January to December.

Your subscription or renewal for 2014 does not give you access to subsidized neuterings. Please read how the Neutering program works as from 1/1/2012.

If you live in outside of Attica, you can become a supporter of SPAZ (with our sincere thanks) rather than a member. The demands for our neutering program are so great that we must limit our members to Attica. Supporters and their donations are much needed to maintain our work for the strays; they are not eligible for the neutering program, however, nor are they expected to work at our events, although they are very welcome if they choose to.

SPAZ is YOU – members and supporters!