t’s often you get to meet dogs with a name and a surname. This particular one showed up around Xmas. At first we thought we may have fallen out of Santa’s sleigh. As it was around the holiday season we thought of naming him Chris. Soon we discovered that he is dog with finesse and fine taste. We were now thinking he came for Paris. He didn’t respond to Chris, he introduced himself as Christian. He has Dior accessories so that made it all clear for us. He is a dog with a name and a surname and that’s what is written in print. Ladies and gentlemen may we introduce Christian Dior.
He is short, healthy, neutered and vaccinated, approx 1,5 years old, he has decided to settle in Greece so needs a forever home

Πληροφορίες / Info
1) adoptions@spazgreece.gr
2) 6977572522

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