Clean out your house and donate items for our ‘second-hand sales’ we occasionally hold. Details about them you can learn by our web site and our facebook page. We accept almost anything – furniture, household goods, toys, china, clothes (even vintage clothes and used designer bags and shoes), linen, books, electrical goods, kitchen ware, children’s toys and clothes, paintings, frames, jewellry, purses, shoes, etc.

Offer to work some hours in the store; you don’t have to be a member of SPAZ to help out. When it gets very busy we need about six to eight people working. No previous experience necessary.

Contact us at

Check “Events” for dates of upcoming sales or our SPAZ facebook page

Donate New Items for the Annual Christmas Bazaar Raffle

SPAZ holds a raffle at their annual Christmas Handicraft Bazaar. For this we need a lot of really good new items. Contact at if you have something to donate (gifts you received but never used for instance) or if you are willing to solicit stores for donations/gifts or vouchers for services, large and small, etc. Our Christmas raffle is always popular and raises a lot of money for SPAZ so we need all the help we can get to make it successful.

Donate Items for our Annual Christmas Bazaar

SPAZ rents out tables to handicraft artists from all over the city for this bazaar. If you are interested in renting a table, contact us at

SPAZ has a SPAZ items table, a used book stall, a “white elephant” table (with tons of used items), an international food cafe and a general booth for small good items. We need lots of used items for the white elephant table AND we need people willing to cook a dish or two for the international food café, as well as people able to man the booths. This two day bazaar is really our biggest fund-raising event of the year and thousands of people from all over Athens attend it. To run smoothly, we need people to help transport items, set up booths, work the two days, and help clean up after the bazaar and transport items back to where they came from. If you can help in any of these areas, please contact us at We work hard but we also have a lot of fun at this bazaar. You are very welcome to join us.

Other Ways to Help

• offer to transport an animal to the vet to be neutered and return it

• offer to help socialize a dog waiting for a good home by visiting him at a private kennel, sitting with him (or her) and walking the dog

• offer to work in the homing program by visiting prospective adopters of SPAZ animals and judging whether or not they are a good match

• offer a foster home, that is a temporary home until the animal gets a permanent home (click to “List of dogs looking for homes” to “List of cats looking for homes” page) or keep a cat or dog for a few days after it has been neutered until it can be returned to the street or wherever it came from

• become a member or a supporter (click to “become a member or a supporter” page)

• forward our emails announcing events on to your friends; if there is a poster attached, print it and put it up in your neighbourhood

• find a store that would be willing to display a SPAZ donation in a prominent position and monitor its use in co-operation with SPAZ Treasurer and/or another member appointed by the Board

• if you have a store room that is empty… can you lent it to SPAZ to store donated goods?

• donate money. If you can do nothing else but donate some money to SPAZ, then please do this; both small and large amounts are welcome. We need every euro we get and we will use it wisely to help stray animals.

• if you find a stray animal that needs help and decide to take it in, we can direct you to one of our vets for medical care or neutering, or help you find a permanent home for the animal. But we cannot take the animal you decide to save. We are all volunteers and we all have more animals that we can handle in our homes. We can give you advice on what to do to help the animal yourself. We cannot do it for you.

• Getting married or planning a baptism? Instead of gifts, you can ask your guests to donate to SPAZ through one of our bank accounts. We will provide the banking information and send thank you notes and receipts to all those that donate. Or you can discreetly donate unwanted gifts to us.