In life, in shelters, even on the streets, there’s always the possibility to develop the worst enmity or the greatest friendship. We could be talking about people, but today we’re talking about dogs.

Let us (re)introduce you, to Geο (brown) and Rene (black). Geo and Rene are a set, they’re buddies, they have a lifelong relationship that has developed over the years.

They go out together at the shelter, sleep together, eat together. They are both around 8 years old, friendly creatures, happy, playful, tender and adore treats.

It would be ideal for these two to find a home together.

They are both healthy, vaccinated, and neutered. If you dream of offering a home to these best-friends, you can contact us at 6945598760 daily after 5 pm or on weekends, or you can share this information with someone who you think would appreciate these beautiful souls.

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