Every so often, a “dog” comes into our lives. You might ask, what does “one” mean? It means one. One of the tens, hundreds, thousands of dogs. One of those who are abandoned, by people who open the door, who mistakenly lose and don’t seek, who give up because they’re supposedly sick or tired, but being frank… simply bored. It’s one among the many for some, but for us, it’s truly one…

Marx is that kind of a dog. We’ve been searching for days to figure out what he did, what happened? Are some people completely blind and heartless?

Under a normal condition, some should pay to have such a dog; he’s pure gold!

Apart from a prostate issue that we addressed by neutering, we’re talking about a creature that’s good, kind, tender, sociable, happy, calm, and gentle. A true gentleman!

He’s not young, but not so old that he can’t learn, live, love, and be loved.

If you’re looking for problems, he doesn’t have any. We have nothing bad to say; perhaps he’s overly good, trusted the wrong people, but it’s never too late to trust again from the beginning…

He is a mixed breed, healthy boy, born somewhere around 2013. He can easily live with a familly with children.

Indulge yourself in the finest company and the most paw-some acquaintance around. Call weekdays and Saturdays after 5pm (GMT+3) +306945598760.

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