Sometimes the ads we write for a dog stems from a comment we pass around among ourselves, volunteers. For example, Olivia, her whole exhistance as well as the ad could be summed up with this phrase “this dog is unlucky for being born a black dog.” We volunteers know black dogs don’t get as easily adopted as do “other coloured” ones!

At a recent adoption event, Olivia was a model of behavior. Wherever Katerina (volunteer) went, she followed; wherever Katerina sat, she sat. She didn’t pay any attention to other dogs, meaning she had no intention of picking fights. She accepted the few pets offered by people; black dogs don’t get much because people don’t give them much. She rolled over for belly rubs, relaxed in the grass, and thoroughly enjoyed herself. 

Olivia is one of those dogs that society tends to overlook because she’s not white or beige. People fail to understand that these beauties are somewhat like a raw diamond waiting for someone to discover them. We’re not looking for miners in gold mines. We’re looking for families, people who will give opportunities, people who will adopt a dog and find a gem within them.

Olivia is young, born sometime in early 2022, she’s healthy and medium-sized.

She’ll only be given spayed within Attica with an adoption contract and microchip.

Call 6945598760 daily or on weekends after 5pm.

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