One rainy day, amidst a downpour, this pretty girl appeared as if she was carried by the wind and delivered to us. In those initial days, she was fearful. We searched in vain for her owners, unable to understand how such wonderful creatures could find themselves homeless and family-less in the blink of an eye.

We named her Haido, intending to craft an ad for her. Truth be told, she may not heed to her name, but she certainly responds to a gentle touch. Her appetite is insatiable. The path to her heart undoubtedly traverses through her stomach, for at the sight of a good treat, she forgets all fear…

Haido is a calm little dog, holding no issues with other dogs and harmoniously coexisting with them. In her dwelling space, she maintains impeccable cleanliness, neither soiling nor devouring the blankets that keep her warm during chilly months.

We seek someone to warm her heart and someone for her to warm theirs. Such is the way of these things…

Born around January 2019, she is of small to medium size, mixed breed and in good health. She will only be given for adoption within Attica, with a microchip and signed adoption contract.

Contact us at 6945598760 weekdays or during the weekend after 5 pm for more information.

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