We met her at a dog adoption event held by Glyfada’s Animal Rescue SPAZ. A Black, very scared, two-year-old dog frorm an abandoned litter of five puppies. But this is all in the past! Max now lives in Lycabettus! We have had her with us for a year now! (Add 4 more!)

How can you know the amount of love a dog can give you if you don’t get one! And how can you understand this kind of love when you don’t have a dog! It’s the Unconditional kind!

Max goes for a walk everyday both in the morning and in the evening no matter what. Am I bored of going out and taking her for her walk? I’ll take her anyway because I know it’s good for her, as it is for me of course!

On the weekends – given the opportunity – she runs a lot, and she enjoys it so much! The rest of the time she sleeps a lot! When we return home, she is always at the door fiercely wagging her tail, so much so to the point she once hurt it and bled! Then she falls flat on her back for belly rubs and pets, lots of pets, the more the merrier, she will never say no!

Max is a food lover, she can always eat, no matter how much she has already eaten! Treats, cheese, meat, apples, she even eats broccoli… Unfortunately, she also eats other dogs’ poo when we are out. Even so, we love her very much anyway!
A dog changes your life after all! So, what if I occasionally suffer from back aches caused by her pulling her lead on our walks.

Max is still very scared, afraid of large sticks, mugs, hats, the noise of trucks, sometimes even cats! Her whole body is shaking during thunderstorms, not knowing which hiding spot or bed cover to hide in. I hope one day she can overcome all her fears now she is living with us.

We are very lucky to have Max and she is lucky to have us!

Those of you who can, adopt a dog! It doesn’t have to be a puppy, and you’ll love the older ones just as much!

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