Maya, in Latin, means “great” and “grand.” They got it right! We couldn’t give her a more fitting name for her personality.

What can we say about this girl? Her grace, and intelligence impress us more and more every day. She’s sweet to everyone, very sociable and cooperative, although she could easily pass as a cat (maybe in another lifetime).

She has an untamed, independent, adventurous side. She enjoys walks and exploring nature. She keeps her space clean and appreciates a soft, fluffy blanket to sleep on. She’s a carefree creature who, despite experiencing stray life on the Greek streets, trusts and welcomes human cuddles.

She’s spayed, vaccinated, and healthy. Born around January 2012. She doesn’t get along well with cats, but she easily coexists with other dogs.

Contact 6945598760 daily after 5 pm or on weekends.


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