Adopting a dog means taking the responsibility of taking care of a being that will depend on you for the rest of its life.

It means everyday care, that consists of feeding and walking (at least 1 hour everyday).

It means not only the fixed monthly expenses but also the costs of emergency situations (health issues, damages).

It means sacrifices (for example we can’t travel with train and we can stay only at pet friendly places as we don’t have someone to take care of her).

But beyond all, it means an inexhaustible source of joy, laughter, affection and companionship.

For me, the definition of unconditional love is the way a dog that loves you looks at you.

Adopt!!! It’s really something that you will never regret, as long as you are also responsible from your side.

Somewhere out there, there is a furry baby filled with love for you!!

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