Penny isn’t looking for a home. Let’s flip it around. You’re looking for Penny. You just don’t know it yet, so listen up.

You’re someone who enjoys the outdoors and the indoors alike. Whether alone or in a pair, expressive or with boundaries. With a crazy lifestyle or routine lifetype.

You’re either the model or the one behind the camera. You’re someone who loves pizza or the one who prefers salad.

Whoever you are, Penny could definitely be your dog, as long as you don’t have another dog or cats. Penny is the dog, that unique dog you’ve been looking for!

She was born around January 2017 and weighs about 18 kg. She’s very clean at home, doesn’t make a mess. She’s healthy, vaccinated, and spayed, and she’s looking for her forever home.

If you’re looking for Penny, wait no more,  call 6945598760 in the afternoon or on weekends to meet up with her. She will only be given within Attica with an adoption contract and microchip.

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