Meet Persa, the furry tornado of joy and enthusiasm! This happy-go-lucky canine is like a perpetual motion machine, with enough energy to power a small country (or at least a few extra laps around the park).

Persa is not just a dog; she’s a force of nature wrapped in fur and fueled by love. Her zest for life is so contagious; even couch potatoes might find themselves considering a marathon just to keep up.

Ready for a life filled with laughter, love, and the occasional tornado-like zoomies? Adopt Persa and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. This is not just a dog; this is Persa, the furry dynamo of happiness and endless possibilities! 🐾💫

June 2021


mix breed

While Persa’s enthusiasm knows no bounds, she’s as trainable as a rocket scientist in puppy form. With a bit of guidance and a whole lot of patience, she’ll be mastering tricks faster than you can say “fetch!”

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