Surely you’ve heard the saying, “all that glitters is not gold.” And of course, it’s not. It might not even be metal; it might not be something shiny. It might just be a dog, but not just any dog. There’s never just an ordinary dog because they all have that special something.

Here is Rex. Rex has a unique ability that makes him particularly special. We’re not just talking about his super shiny dark black coat and his incredibly calm and loving eyes. Rex is like a tightrope walker. A juggler, shall we say?

He can sit with you for hours while you toss him treats. No matter how many you throw, he’ll jump to catch them in the air. It’s his favorite game, and he asked us to find him a home and a family who can play this game with him all day long (not necessarily indoors!)

He’s a good boy, affectionate, and very well-behaved. He would be ideal for a couple or a family. He was born in 2014 and is medium-sized. He’s neutered, vaccinated, and healthy.

He will be given with an adoption contract and a microchip only within Attica.

Contact number: 6945 598 760 daily after 6:00 pm or on weekends.

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