It was a few days since our first dog had left our lives! We were sure that his place would not remain empty in our house, so we talked to Elizabeth. We informed her about our lifestyle, our family structure, and what our capacity was. She listened to us and suggested the fitting options!

Among the choices, that of the “shepherd” Tupper prevailed. He had just arrived from Kalambaka. He was found among a pack of dogs and was picked up, just a few-month-old puppy with zero interactions with people but very familiar with living with other animals. He came to Athens and lived in an animal hotel where he continued to live with many dogs, but the presence of people stressed him. I remember the first time we went to see him, and he hid away! We kept going to see and get to know him over and over again until he finally approached us!

We took him home somewhere in the middle of October 2020. It took days for him to eat, go to the toilet and stop hiding when we took the leash out to take him for a walk. We were patient and gave him as much time as he wanted. Like I often say. Giving time to a distressed animal is like throwing coins in the Fontana Di Trevi fountain. You don’t know how long it will take and if your wish will ever come true.
In our case everything went very well, much faster than we expected! He has become familiar with people, sometimes he even asks for pets, which is incredible considering his status at the beginning. He is great with the family cats and now also with his little two-legged “brother”. He has fun with the other dogs in the park and snores when he is peacefully sleeping at night.

Sure, his life changed but he will never understand how much he changed our lives. I can confidently say that my first animal (my bunny Marilyn) taught me to love, and my last animal Tupper taught me to respect!

This is the story of our very own mutt, the wannabe Shepherd, our heart’s cow, Tupper!

Alice, Alexis and young Stefanos

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