When should you give First Aid care to a dog?

Immediately after an accident or a sudden illness. 
First aid care should consist of what is absolutely necessary to save the animal’s life, aleviate his pain and minimize his suffering until you get him to a vet.  It is better for you to take the dog to the vet instead of calling the vet to come to your location as the vet’s office is better equipped in case surgery is needed.


Who can administer First Aid?

First Aid care can be given by anyone.  It is not necessary to have a diagnosis of the injury in order to administer First Aid.  A diagnosis should be made only by a specialised vet.


Be prepared

What you need to have at home:

  • First Aid Kit for Dogs (your vet will advise you on what it should contain).
  • Your vet’s phone number and address as well as phone numbers from on-call vet clinics. (Find here a list of on-call vet clinics.)
  • A pen and notepad in case you need to write down instructions given to you on the phone by your vet. 
  • A big and clean blanket to be used for transportation.

Remeber! Don’t panic but don’t be a “hero” either!  In an emergency you should always remain calm, quick and above all safe. 
Think slowly and clearly and act quickly! 

It is important to remember that a sudden illness or injury will make your pet panic and the pain may cause shock.  In cases of acute anxiety even the calmest of dogs may bite so you have to look after your own safety as well.  If you have a piece of cloth or an old tie to use as a bandage wrapping it around your hands, you will be able to help your dog with more confidence. (consult your vet in advance so that he may show you how to tie it)

Don’t take your dog to the vet without calling first.
Your vet may have another emergency or he may be absent.  You will also need him to give you instructions on how to transport the animal.

Don’t give anything to the dog to eat or drink without the vet’s permission.

First try to find your regular vet that your dog is already familiar with before calling someone else.

If you are on vacation with your dog make sure you are informed on the vets in the area and bring the First Aid Kit with you.


NOTE:  All information given on this page  is general information.  ALWAYS contact your veterinarian to obtain specific instructions for any emergency.

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