Meet Maverick the Siberian husky. We are talking about a husky, so we are talking about a dog who shows independence of thought and action, especially by refusing to adhere to the policies of someone who doesn’t trust or respect. Huskies are like cats and training from young age is very important and obligatory! For Maverick we can say that training didn’t happen at all…
He is an adult dog who doesn’t know when to stop and has no limits. He is a difficult dog who doesn’t trust anyone to tell him what to do. And he’s got a point! He has learnt to act and live life trusting only his gut and himself. Don’t get him wrong if that’s the idea he formed for us humans… Unworthy and not trusted. Also he was abandoned, so he is giving us a hard time now. But the past is in the past! Have no worries, his requirements may be many but he is a very smart dog and has the willing to learn new things! On the other hand if you’re interested you have to be strict and disciplined but also calm and assertive and you must never give him the benefit of the doubt. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! What you say must be exact and you must be precise.
He needs tons of exercise to tire his body and training sessions to tire his mind. His breed is a working one and he must have a job to do. We know him, and we can see ahead of you. So we guarantee that if you do those things and built up mutual trust and respect you’ll have the perfect companion. He may howl than bark, run than walk. He may be the perfect escape artist and a stubborn one but if you are the one for him, then that will be it! A family with children won’t be suitable for him, but if you’re an outgoing and adventurous person and you like his independent charm and maybe his ice-blue eyes, who needs a friend and not necessarily something to pet, who is conscious and confident , then he is your dog! Come and meet him!

For more information on Maveric (D232/15)
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Maveric is up for adoption by SPAZ (Athens Court decision No 773/87)

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