Hi my name is Pseiras.  Can you believe the name they gave me? They say I was very small when they found me. I was abandoned on the street. I thought they would come back for me. Didn’t they love me? I was, however, lucky at the same time. Fortunately a lady found me and took me in. I love her very much but she can not keep me. She is looking though for the best home for me.

I am a puppy and won’t get very big. I won’t need a lot of space or food and I won’t need long long walks. I am 7 months old, playful and affectionate, have had my vaccinations, I am healthy and ready for a home. I would love to find a good home and a family who will love me.  Can’t wait to meet my new family.  Could it be you?

Pseiras  (D226/15) is up for adoption by SPAZ (Athens Court decision 773/87).

Contact: tel. 6932626121
email: adoptions@spazgreece.gr