Snoopy is a Greek hound dog mix of medium size that weighs about 16 kg.  He is about 2 years old (born in 2012) and loves to cuddle and play.  At first he is timid and cautious but once he gets to know you he becomes friendly and tender.  Because of his breed he is an athletic boy therefore he needs his walks and his playtime!



Health Status:
• Vermifugated
• Vaccinated
• Neutered
• Healthy

Snoopy is a beautiful dog! He is very sweet and bonds with his human partner.  He does not enjoy being left alone.  He is a Greek hound dog mix which means he is quite athletic and energetic.  He loves long walks, he needs to play often and run so he can let off some steam.  Snoopy is very friendly with other dogs although he can be quite scared at first.  He is a couch potato but still, the best home for him should have a garden where he can run around and play.

Microchip number:

For more information on Snoopy:
• 6932 308457

Snoopy (D69-13) is up for adoption by SPAZ (Society for the Protection of Stray Animals) (Athens Court 773/87)

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