Adopted in December 2014.

Tango is an adorable griffon mix with an even more adorable character.  The one thing that he goes crazy for and for which he will not want to leave your side are cuddles.  And his favourite spot to pet him on? His belly!

Born: around 2011
Size: Medium
Weight: 10 ~ 15
Sex: Male
Breed: Griffon mix

• Vaccinated
• Vermifugated
• Neutered

• Gentle
• Cuddly
• Social
• Loves to snooze

Tango needs human contact. He absolutely adores having his belly rubbed!

Microchip Number: 900110000033256

For more information on Tango (D82/13):

• 6932474750

Tango is up for adoption by SPAZ (Athens Court decision No 773/87).

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