Adopted in January 2015.

I am Tristan and I’m looking for my Isolde or my Shakespeare… for us to write our own new story!!!!

I was already in a coma when a nice lady found me and called SPAZ. 

They took me in with a horrible eye infection in one eye while my other eye had already been destroyed.  I weighed just 2 kilos and was starving.
I fought for my life and was saved!  It was an Easter miracle!

I am not the white fluffy cat you would love to have on your couch.  I am an ordinary cat, of not particular beauty… and blind…

I have seen many of life’s injustices and challenges and I couldn’t take it any more so I closed my eyes and I decided that from now on I will only be dreaming.  I am after all a Prince!!!

Tristan is looking for a new story… a new life!!!

Tristan is a very calm and tender cat and is 4 years old.
He has been neutered, vermifugated, checked and healthy.
Microchip number: 900032002328899
The above animal is given for adoption by SPAZ – Athens Court decision 773/87.
Send a message to SPAZ or an sms to 6937177088 or email at

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