I didn’t understand what happened …

I had a home and a family.  One day they abandoned me. I did not understand why….

Now I live in a wonderful shelter but I prefer to have my own family.  Since I am a big dog I would prefer my new home to have a yard or a garden.  But I don’t want to live alone outside in the garden.  All animals want to be close to their families. So do I.

I am about 3 years old, healthy, neutered and vaccinated.  In fact I am ready to move in with you. However if you choose me please think about it carefully.  Don’t you end up abandoning me as well.  Once was enough.  I want to live with a family forever!

Woods  (D207-15) is up for adoption by SPAZ (Society for the Protection of Stray Animals) Athens Court Decision 773/87.