– Nancy, the guys!

– Guys, this is Goddess Nancy. Because that is what she is. A “little” four-legged Goddess that you can’t help but love.

We were quite stressed and anxious at first.

Would a 46 kg, 6-year-old soul that has never lived in a home be able to adapt to an apartment?

Would I be able to handle her during the walks and in everyday life?

Would she be obedient? So many “woulds” and “ifs.”

All the typical insecurities, concerns and fears that exist in our minds and have been associated with large breeds.

It turns out that Nancy came to show us how a large, adult dog can live in an apartment, without any accidents or getting dirty from the first moment. How she can learn basic commands very quickly and adapt very easily to this new life. How we can be everywhere together, at work, on walks, on excursions, even in cafes.

We knew Nancy had found a home. Ours. And all those woulds and ifs are now non-existent.

If we stop stereotyping, we come to find out that if there is a will there’s a way. There is always room in an apartment for any creature.

And now let me share my “frustration” with you. This “hairy beast” stole my husband from me. Hard to compete with her and the game seems lost. Upon returning home he first talks to Nancy. They look into each other’s eyes, he whispers sweet nothings to her, all the while just asking me if I fed her and where did I take her for a walk. I genuinely believe she was given special training to achieve this goal.

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