What is an adoption? For me, it is my own rainbow, with the difference that you find the treasure at its beginning!! The pet we adopt is the start of a colorful, magical trip.

The emotions you feel on the first day of your mutual life is an immeasurable gift.

But how is the path? Like every ride, you have the easy part and the difficulties. Everything is easy and beautiful, even when the puppy eats your shoe.

The unique moments they run to your arms. When they are afraid of thunder and come to hide beside you.

When they look at you because they are bored of laying down and you must/ they want to/ you have the obligation to cheer them up.

The moments you look at them playing filled with joy. Every moment is beautiful and especially when you realize you offer them safety, you feel those moments even more.

And when you think that there is no more space in your life, magically everything finds its way and expands, and here comes the second and the third adoption. Because you can’t live without Nana, Foivo, Popi, everyone on each own and all of them together.

Because they aren’t just dogs who entered our life. They are beings with personality, character, preferences, and each one of them is uniquely valuable.

If I talk about difficulties, I would say that the troubles are more than the difficult times.

A trouble is the continuous use of vacuums. A trouble is to hunt the bees and to put their little faces wherever it is prohibited (and only there).

A trouble is that they don’t like the neighbor and they bark at him. Contrary, a difficulty is having to travel, but your thoughts are behind with them.
But the real difficulty is only the illnesses. When they grow old and you do everything at your power with their doctor and you hear the unwanted phrase “there is nothing more we can do”.

When you can’t do anything more and you arrive at the base of your rainbow and have to say your goodbye, while on earth. Then, you leave the difficulties behind, and you go to the pain of loss (please allow me to not refer more to this subject, we should stay to the most important part).

Let’s stay to the unique opportunity that everyone has to share their life with a unique being. To a magical travel that ascends you, and makes you a better person than you could ever imagine.

Of course we all quote our personal experiences. I could talk about mine not for hours but for days.

Our family consists of 7 people. I am the mom and with the dad we have 2 daughters and 3 treasures that make our lives better.

And if you think that “ohh I have a little kid, I don’t want to adopt”, I will say that now is the most proper time for this gift to your family.

Because the kids grow up better when they have one, two, three guardian angels!!

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