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SPAZ- Society for the Protection of Stray Animals SINCE 1987

Be their hero,adopt!

- We need a new roll up for the exhibition. It needs to be something plain and simple but at the same time it needs to be direct. And for...

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30th SPAZ Christmas Bazaar !

  Every year for the past 30 years Santa takes a break a few days before Christmas and parks his sleigh at what’s known as the...

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Η Ανάσταση πλησιάζει, προσέξτε τα κατοικίδιά σας.

Η Ανάσταση πλησιάζει … Είναι ωρα να θυμήσουμε σε όσους έχουν κατοικίδια να φροντίσουν το Σάββατο το βράδυ από νωρίς, να τα έχουν...

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Easter Bazaar, April 16th

SPAZ’s Easter Bazaar, the best Bazaar in town.  Those of you who have visited us before, know what a great time we have :-)  Those...

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Honey is a medium size dog, born April 2015. She reminds us of chocolate and caramel ice cream as she is sweet, delicious and… hard...

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