When buying a dog, even if you get one of the best breeds, there is a minimum of six-month adjustment period for both the human and the dog. It is true, of course, that each breed has certain characteristics that can be a fit to different pet parent temperaments. However, it is also true that each breed comes with a host of genetic diseases and possible idiosyncrasies. Overall, I don’t want to buy a dog because I don’t want to contribute to the exploitation of dogs by puppy mills. This also applies to getting a dog from a “breeder who loves dogs” since again this would take the spot of a stray who could find a home.

I believe that adopting a stray is for conscious people who are looking for a new member of their family and not a trophy. There is also such a great satisfaction in watching these creatures transform from being these poor, scared souls to spoiled and happy dogs. In addition, strays are not prone to poor health. We had adopted a dog with leishmaniasis, and he was the bravest and most dignified creature I have ever met. If he had been adopted earlier and received treatment on time, he would be alive now.

Once you open the “adoption door” there is no going back to looking for purebreds, no matter how beautiful and adorable these dogs are.

I also feel responsible for setting a good example for the two young children I’m raising.

Despina & Haris

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