Ever since I was a teenager (many years ago) I was fortunate and blessed, I would say, to grow up with dogs in my company. Each one a special story, a sweet memory, a life lesson.

In July 2022, we bid farewell to “Messini” as she “departed” from our lives. Calmly, quietly she “fell asleep” just like that (her heart betrayed her). I didn’t want us to get another dog at the time. I was grieving inside and kept finding excuses to put off welcoming a new “friend” in my life.

But my daughters insisted. Especially the oldest who is now 18 years old. She started browsing at SPAZ’s posts, reading details about each dog. She tried to convince me by presenting to me the advantages she found for each one. When she finished her university admission exams, I had no more excuses.

On September 23rd I called Elizabeth, we talked in detail about what we wanted, and we went to meet the dogs. When we got there, Angeliki, my daughter, recognized all the dogs she had read about so long ago.

“Egypt” was the dog we had gone to the shelter for. It was Love at first sight! We took him for a walk along with Elizabeth. Angeliki held his lease, and he followed her calmly and obediently. Me and my other daughter Varvara followed as spectators. It was evident. “Egypt” and Angeliki had chosen each other. Aware of the responsibility we were taking on, we adopted him.

Not only did I not regret it, but every time I see our “little puppet” (that’s how I lovingly nicknamed him, he’s actually a big puppet) looking into Angeliki’s eyes worshiping her and her glowing with happiness, I’m sure they were waiting for each other. The whole family embraced “Egypt ” with great affection and love: my daughters, my husband and even the grandmother. They give him hugs and talk to him affectionately and he seems to be smiling sweetly back reciprocating the love.
Adopting a stray is indeed a great act of love. Thank you so much Elizabeth and Frances for your gift to my family!

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