When I look at Froso, it comes to my mind an image from the beginning of our connection, in the pension she was staying after she was rescued: me trying to get close to her and Froso turning her back to me.

It was a sign of relaxation, a sign that she didn’t want a fight and a test for my determination to accept her as who she is.

I was already informed that she was a special and skillful dog, that was a little trouble for the volunteers of SPAZ for a long time, until they managed to put her in a cage in order to take care of her and find her a home.

I followed the instructions I was given, because I really wanted her to come to our home and feel all the care she was missing from her life. I was going a couple times per week at Koropi to spend some time with her. Back then, I had my little Victor, an overage dog, so I was also anxious if they would get along.

I was moved by Froso’s story, to the extent that I was thinking about her even before I met her. Even though she was abandoned to a mountain and she was living for months eating garbage, she managed to survive! I remember the quote “ Now that she has learned to trust people again, give her a second chance”.

The part of my dogs living together was really easy. As a matter of fact, my dogs didn’t care a lot about each other. They never fought, because my family and I managed to maintain the balance. Our family grew with Froso art 31/12/2022. As we discussed with my daughter, it was the best Santa’s present.

As time goes on, we feel huge gratitude and luck that Froso found her way to our home. Her ease to learn new things, her openness to our daily schedule and her patience with our grumpy cat that avoided for a whole year, and now she waits for Froso at the door, after her walks..

I learned that adult dogs are easier to live with, they don’t require a lot of time for adjustment and they don’t need special care. Froso never got the house dirty, never asked for more things than we can give her and she always is patient about our really busy schedule.

Her size – to be honest we thought she was really big at the beginning – never was a problem, except for the planes, where she can only travel under the plane, like luggage… Jesus!
She is so convenient, cooperative, calm and silent.

She adapted really fast to the transports with the car, even though she was a little anxious at the beginning. Also, she did really well when it came to her first boat trip and she was really happy with all the rooms we stayed in when going on vacation.

Froso is really important to our family and we want to thank SPAZ for the opportunity to meet her and to adopt her.

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