Introducing Kanellos, the doggy legend from the wild west of Athens! This four-legged wonder roamed the streets with his posse of furry amigos until fate intervened in the form of a car accident that landed him in the canine hospital wing.

But fear not, dear humans, for Kanellos is no ordinary dog. He took his recovery in stride, never once complaining, not even when they fitted him with the dreaded cone of shame. Instead of growls, he gave belly rolls. Not a peep when his cast was changed – just a wag of gratitude.

Kanellos isn’t just a survivor; he’s a testament to resilience and canine charisma. He never picked a fight, never barked out of turn. He’s the kind of dog who gets hit by a car just so he can find a forever home.

Now, dear humans, it’s your turn. Kanellos isn’t just any dog; he’s the missing piece to your puzzle, the loyal companion you’ve been searching for. He’s not just a dog; he’s Kanellos, the furry friend you never knew you needed! 🐾

January 2019


mixed breed

Give him a chance; creatures like him are meant for homes, not the streets. He’s located in Glyfada. Call 📞📞📞 6945598760 daily after 5 PM or on weekends.

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