It was the summer of 2014, we had recently lost our 10-year-old cat FIGO, and were left with our other cat RICO, and we were looking to fill the gap with a new cat in the family, since our principle was always to have a maximum of two cats living with us.
A veterinarian friend of ours recommended SPAZ, and its remarkable ladies to us and not long after – having first successfully passed the kittens’ tests-, her highness countess BIZOU, renamed by us as RIKA, came to our house.

Since then, we live and are roommates with RIKO and RIKA. However, during the first months of RIKA settling in our home, I couldn’t stop thinking that I had probably greatly harmed someone and as punishment God was revenging me by reincarnating the devil into a cat, i.e. RIKA.I wouldn’t dare move or walk, and RIKA, who could be hiding anywhere, lunged furiously at my legs, and bit them. She was always ready for war, she was aloof, aggressive both with us and with poor RIKO who was constantly being chased by her, and I now was convinced she was a psychopath. On the contrary, I found her to be in perfect health when it came to her diet and her eating. She always ate all her food without difficulty or pickiness.

Meanwhile, I learned about RIKA’s past and was informed that she was a very abused animal, and that from a very young age felt violence and suffering on her skin by the human species. The kittens she gave birth to prior to her sterilization were eaten by dogs and she had often been kicked by children or other people at the school she had taken refuge in before being taken in and under the protection of SPAZ.
What is the rest of Rika’s story? Love, love, love. She received and still receives a lot of love from us and with our care and patience she stopped being afraid of us, stopped seeing us as a threat, stopped attacking to defend herself and finally felt and continues to feel safe and secure.

She got to have and continues to receive to this day – over 10 years of life – good food, fresh and cool water, medical care, cuddles, pets, hugs, toys, etc.

And that devil transformed into an angel!!! She is now a mellow, sweet, respected member of the family!

Of course, some of her complexes and idiosyncrasies remain, but she no longer attacks, nor is she afraid, but claims and enjoys our affection and care.

Rica has exceeded 10 years of life, RIKO left us having lived a full life at 20 years old, while a new 4-member cat litter came to RIKA’s life five years ago. RIKA is now a member of the new pack with rights and restrictions. She asserts dominance over some of the kittens while the rest of them chase her. But she has declared and claimed her personal space and goes there for rest, recreation and food and takes refuge when she feels insecure. So, this is how we go on about our life now….
RIKA was taught and is constantly learning a lot from us, but we are also constantly learning a lot from her.

SPAZ, thank you so much for the opportunity you presented us and congratulations on your work!!!

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